Connor Abene
Founder @ Scalable CFO

"I wish we found Leadbird months ago...they have helped me build a full pipeline of perfect prospects in less than 30 days.

Ethan Feldman
Founder of Mailbucks

“I’ve already booked 12 appointments in less then a week with Leadbird, I already closed a few deals with more calls this week."

Johnluke Nahorski
CEO of Unlock Ecom

"So many lead generation companies send bad leads that waste my time. Leadbird makes sure EVERY lead is the right fit for my company."

We Help Scrambling Sales Teams...

This represents 99% of sales professionals. They send "spray and pray" messages hoping that something with land. They try every template they can find and none of them seem to work. So confused about what to do, they try do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They see lead generation as a giant tangled knot of chaos.

Book More High Quality Sales Calls.

These sales professionals are rare, accounting for only 1% of the industry. They feed on value, clarity and efficiency. They leverage proven strategies and effective campaigns to create authentic conversations and valuable relationships. They see lead generation clearly, book more calls and close more deals.

Connect with

1,500+ Verified Leads Every Month

Decision Maker ID Verification Process

We build custom, verified lead lists to ensure you contact the right person everytime.

Complete Outreach Campaign Management

We manage your entire outreach process to deliver hot leads to your inbox.

Leadbird's Managed Outreach Service Makes Lead Gen Easy

Leadbird uses data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns to send proven, personalized messages to your dream clients via email — getting positive responses straight to your inbox.

10X Your Outreach, Pipeline, and Results.

You should be focused on closing deals and delivering value to your customers. We handle every aspect of your cold email outreach to guarantee you always have a full inbox of qualified leads.

Instant Lead Notifications

Never let money fall through the cracks. We sent you an update every time a lead responds so you can easily stay on top of your prospect pipeline.

Custom Built Lead Lists

Leadbird goes the extra mile with ensuring your campaigns are sent to high quality, verified prospects so you can ensure valuable, consitent dealflow.

Decision Maker ID

Stop wasting time talking to the wrong people. Our hyper-targeting formula ensures you only connect with high quality prospects with verfied contact information.

Smart Inbox & Light CRM

Reply to prospects directly in our dashboard. Sort messages, label leads, add conversations notes and focus on what really matters - closing deals without losing any messages in the process.

Double Layer Account Security

Your email account are protected by Leadbird's Double Layer Security protocol. Separate security checks for each account keeps you and your prospects information protected.

Universal CRM Integrations

Integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, or even Google Sheets. In under two minutes, you can connect all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations.


Not only are we performance based, but we've built proprietary tools that supercharge your outreach.

Trusted By The Best

Darius Walton
The Hundred Investment Group

"Leadbird flies high above the rest. I've used 5 different lead generation companies in the past and Leadbird delivers the best leads and personalized service."

Alex Heiden
Founder of Closify

"Leadbird's smart sequences ensure we get on the phone with nearly every prospect we targeted with our campaigns. UNREAL RESULTS."

Jack Houghton
Founder of Spartan Closers

"Leadbird doesn't waste any time. We have 78 conversations with interested leads in the first 14 days after we signed up for a plan.

Erik Paulson
Founder of Vendysis

"I've seen amazing results already - we have gotten at least 50 times the value from Leadbird than any other lead generation platform on the market."

Keon Morning
Partner at Global Movement Beyond

"I wish my team found Leadbird months ago, it's completely changed the way we see outbound lead generation as a sustainable source of new business."

Solomon Amaoko
Head of Sales at Soko

"I used to waste 10+ hours a week trying to find leads on Linkedin. Now I only spend time talking to interested prospects and closing sales."

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Stop wasting time and energy to get weak results.
Leadbird makes sure you only focus on talking to high-quality leads and closing deals.

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Stop wasting time and energy to get weak results. Leadbird makes sure you only focus on talking to high-quality leads and closing deals.

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