Leadbird is a B2B Lead Generation Agency with over 100+ clients that works on complete performance. Our entire goal is to send hyper-personalized cold emails at scale to generate you more demos.

Only Pay Per Lead

We will launch your cold email campaigns and ONLY charge you per
meeting-ready-lead that we generate

No Monthly Retainers

We only get paid for the meeting-read-leads that we generate for you. That's how confident we are in our process

Work With Experts

We assign a dedicated account manager to personally onboard you, send weekly reports and have monthly check-in calls

Real people.
real results.

With over 50+ Active Clients and 5,000+ users on our software companies

pricing plan

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Powered by our in house tech stack

We're not your typical lead generation agency. We've built our entire Sales Tech Stack to better serve our clients with over 5,000+ users.

How we work

step 1

Fill out our onboarding Form

After signing our proposal, we'll have you fill out an onboarding form so we can understand more about you and your business

step 2
schedule a kickoff call

Our account managers will go over your onboarding form on a call with you to formulate an initial campaign strategy

step 3
ONboarding Setup

We'll take all the information from the kickoff call to set up your inboxes, build your lead list, and write your campaign cadence.

step 4
Campaign Launch

After the campaign cadence and lead list has been approved, our team will launch your campaign

step 5
Meeting-Ready-Leads Delivered

Once we've identified a meeting-ready-lead, we'll deliver it straight to your inbox with our seamless email integration

step 6
Campaign adjustments

Aside from the weekly reports, our Customer Success Managers will do a monthly check-in call to go over recommended adjustments to continually improve the campaign performance


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Pay Per Meeting-Ready-Lead
Dedicated Account Manager
Lead List Built
Weekly Reporting
Campaign Cadence Copy Written
Monthly Check-In Call
Inbox Setup
1-On-1 Onboarding & Support
Pay Per Meeting Ready-Lead Only
DFY Managed Email Campaigns
AI-Powered Personalization
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Case studies

How We Generated A Meeting With Pepsi

How We Generated A Meeting With Pepsi

We leveraged our portfolio company,, to send a hyper-personalized cold email that landed a meeting with Pepsi.

How We Helped Closify Generate 95 Leads

How We Helped Closify Generate 95 Leads

We increased the outbound output after finding product-market-fit in their core industries that we identified while doing the initial outreach

How We Landed A Meeting With Hersheys

How We Landed A Meeting With Hersheys

We leveraged the sub-sequences that we built in our email platform, EMY, to reply to the interested lead from Hersheys to push them for a demo.

How We Generated 20 Meeting-Ready-Leads For A SaaS Company

How We Generated 20 Meeting-Ready-Leads For A SaaS Company

We knew that a majority of agencies have a case study on their website. We then had our developer build a scraper that would pull the name of the company mentioned in the case study from each website so that we could leverage it as a merge field within the email campaign. This allowed us to personalize each email at scale while being relevant.

How Contractors Creative Closed 10 Clients Using Leadbird

How Contractors Creative Closed 10 Clients Using Leadbird

Most contractors are typically always on the phone so we used their direct dials in the email to make a call-to-action that they would be more receptive towards.

How We Generated 5 Customers For a SaaS Company

How We Generated 5 Customers For a SaaS Company

We leveraged BuiltWith to create an account list of BigCommerce Stores and then Apollo to find relevant accounts that worked at these companies. We then created an API that would get us the page speed of each individual site so we could use that as a merge field. This resonated with the prospects because Zycada solves slow online shopping experiences.

How We Generated 35 Leads For An RPA Provider

How We Generated 35 Leads For An RPA Provider

We created individual campaigns that showed a relevant use case according to the prospects title

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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

is it really Pay-Per-Lead?

Yes, we only charge you at the end of the month for all the meeting-ready-leads that we have generated you.

What is a "meeting-ready-lead"?

A Meeting-Ready-Lead is a lead that shows INTEREST into your product/service and indicates a date or time to speak with you for a demo. On average, our clients are booking around 85-95% of our leads into demos.

What if the lead isn't qualified?

Meeting-Ready-Leads aren't your typical PPC lead. These leads are highly qualified as we're targeting sophisticated buyers and are showing direct interest into your product/service and the willingness to get on a call. We’re literally reaching out to a lead-list approved by you with a hyper personalized message and then managing the response to convert them into a meeting-ready-lead.

Does your team take care of inbox management?

Yes, our team will take care of everything from inbox setup, lead list building, writing copy, managing the campaign and responses

How Do You Hand The Leads Off?

After we generate a meeting-ready lead, we will pass them over to you via email. You’ll be given an email with the entire conversation thread as well as all the lead details that we could grab and our email will have an easy one-click button for you to continue the conversation and close the lead.