The idea of entrusting another company to handle your sales development sounds nothing short of terrifying. And if this is exactly how you feel when you hear the term “B2B outsourcing”, don’t worry--you are not alone! Many business owners feel apprehensive about B2B outsourcing--until they realize all the advantages that it comes with.

If you are not using B2B outsourcing yet, you likely have many questions about it. Usually, B2B companies consider many what-ifs, such as:

  • What if the third-party team damages our reputation?
  • What if they misuse the data?
  • What if our money goes to waste?

And so on.

Thus, for this article, let’s talk about some of the most important reasons why you should outsource B2B sales:

Why you should start outsourcing B2B sales

It’s more affordable than building your own sales team

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to build a high-performing sales team in-house, which is just not feasible for many startups and businesses. B2B sales outsourcing addresses this problem by acting as a dedicated sales team on your behalf, which means that not only do you get an instant sales team--but you also don’t have to lose sleep doing so.

Usually, B2B outsourcing companies offer customized quotas to clients to meet all of their needs but without putting too much pressure on their budget. In contrast, the money you spend on hiring and training new in-house employees can easily surpass the cost of outsourcing B2B sales.

You get to save a ton of time

Finding clients to buy your products or services can take too much time; sometimes even enough to put your cash flow out for a loop. To avoid this problem, you can hire a B2B sales agency who will help you choose the best SDRs for your high-performing sales team in less than a week.

Because a third-party team is composed of trained professionals who can integrate into your company smoothly, they can then start generating leads, reaching out to prospects, qualifying clients, and closing deals in no time. Compared to building an in-house sales team, B2B outsourcing saves you weeks or even months in hiring, onboarding, and training.

You don’t need to pay for the tools yourself

Lead generation, appointment setting, client qualification, and other steps in the sales funnel require a lot of tools. Furthermore, if you sell to a wide range of markets, you would not only need a lot of tools--but you would also need to change them from time to time in order to adapt to changing lead research qualifiers.

For many businesses, buying and subscribing to multiple tools is simply not cost-effective. Not only that, but you are not always a hundred percent sure if you can maximize those tools anyway.

Fortunately, hiring a B2B sales outsourcing company also comes with access to a variety of tools used for lead generation, prospecting, qualification, nurturing, and more. It allows you to reap the full benefits of having these tools in your arsenal, but without making you pay for all of them in full.

It is easier to calculate ROI

With an in-house sales team, you would likely have to spend a lot of money on training, equipment, tools, software, overhead, etc., which means that calculating your average ROI becomes quite complicated. There is also a good risk of certain expenses slipping through the cracks and ending up not being on your total, which may lead you to believe that you are making a good ROI when in reality, you are losing money.

A good B2B sales outsourcing company will be able to provide you the quality of research and volume of data that you are looking for. Furthermore, they would have plenty of data on the average ROI that you can expect, making it easier to figure out how much you want to invest.

Hence, you receive an approximate estimate on your ROI, reducing the guessing game and lowering the risk of unexpected outcomes along the way.


All things considered, outsourcing B2B sales can help you maximize your ROI, eliminate unnecessary expenses, accelerate your roadmap and project management, and scale your business easily. With all of these reasons in mind, it will be hopefully easier to answer the question, “Should I outsource my B2B sales?”